I do what I do cause I have a Love of Learning. My motto is

"Learn something new everyday, no matter how small"

I believe we all deserve to know what is happening in our world and lives.  I offer life changing education, training and coaching that effectively helps everyday people to overcome fears and anxieties of technology and the integration into everyday life.

With over 20yrs of IT and education experience I have come to realise one thing.  Everyone need to learn something at some point, even me!! 

Any learning course can be daunting and tough at first. With the right guidance, information and training, you'll see that digital can be fun, As you're using your brain to find the most creative solutions to the most problems in everyday life. Ooh, also a great tool to compliment your life. 

Let me mentor you and prove that digital technology isn't nearly as daunting as you originally thought.

My Calling....

I am a qualified in IT Systems Engineering, Web Developer, Speaker, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Coaching, conscious Hypnosis and other modalities.

My interest in living the best life available, is the driver for my study and I know that each person is unique so you need to find a way that is right for you!

Life's journey has had its challenges (as many peoples have) along this journey I have personally sought various forms of support and have found that a variety of learning practices have got me to where I am today. There is no one size fits all!

With my integrative approach I will guide you through the digital world to enable you to integrate technology into your life the best way for you and I take pride in this…..no one person’s life or experience is the same as another!

My Why...

To show people a way out of their confusion / frustration when using technology.  I believe everyone deserves to know how to understand and use technology / systems.

I help remove the fears and anxieties that hold us back.  Behind the coping mechanisms, self doubt and inner turmoil lies the ability to think clearly and without fear.

My Life in a Snapshot...

Being a single mother of one, I have enjoyed every moment (well nearly every moment ;-), watching him grow and develop into a young man and look forward to watching his life unfold. I have supported him and hopefully provided him with the start of his tool kit to make the most of life and be able to grow into the best version of himself, only time will tell if he utilizes the tool provided.

I am a lover of life and knowledge and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I take every opportunity to allow myself to breathe and slow down and just be in the moment.